Information Desk

We have three terms per year with the first term starting from January to the first week of April, the second term starts from May to June and the third term from September to November.

We have two days for mid-term every term and three weeks holiday in April & August and 5 weeks in December.

Done from Monday to Thursday from 11:30am-12:00 Friday done from 8:00am-8:30am at the dining hall, issues affecting the schools are communicated and addressed, and the children’s listening skills are affirmed.

Day Care:
Are expected in school at 8:30am-3:00pm, learning session, free play, Special attention is given to children which includes special lunch sat lunch break, afternoon nap.

Baby Class:
Expected in school before 8:00am-3:30pm, morning class, free play, lunch break, afternoon nap. Swimming on Fridays

Middle Class:
Expected in school by 7:30am-3:30pm, morning classes, free play, lunch break, afternoon nap, afternoon classes. Swimming on Mondays and French classes Friday afternoon

Expected in school by 7:15am-3:30pm morning classes, free play, lunch break, afternoon nap, afternoon classes. Swimming on Wednesdays and French classes on Friday afternoon.

P.E for the whole school on every Thursdays 10.30-11.30

Entrance exams, midterms and end term exams for all classes and cats for pre-unit class every Friday.

We have birthdays for all classes, celebrated in class.

We have yearbooks produced at the end of each year and each child receives one during the end of year party.

During end of the year party parents contribute towards the less fortunate in the society. (dry foodstuffs, clothing, money, etc).

NB: The school does not provide transport hence parents are expected to organize for transport.

Day care parents should pick their children before 3:30pm. For the rest of the classes latest 4:30pm