Client Testimonials

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The Hospital Management and Staff,

My name is Miriam, I was touched by your thoughtfulness, your kind concern reflected a special part of your caring nature. With sincere appreciation, goes a warm thank you for all the kindness you’ve shown to me. My gratitude  goes to especially nurses Calisto and Peris for their good work and to the entire Jamaa fraternity.  I was admitted in bed 37.

God Bless You

- Miriam Khadambi and Family

To Jamaa Hospital

I was a patient who felt like a visitor to your hospital, I am Rachael Nyambura and was admitted to bed 32. My appreciation will go to Dr. Karanja, Dr. Kyalo, Dr. Wabomba, Nurses Elina and Dorcas and cashier Lydia Kimani.

It is people like you who make the difference and though i may not say it, you are appreciated alot and your gentle kindness can never be forgotten.

Thank you with much appreciation.

- Rachael Nyambura

Ann Rose not her real name is 20 years old, developed urine incontinence in 2004 after a cearesean section in the hospital due to prolonged labour at home. She delivered a still born baby later discharged with the fistula complication. She later conceived in 2006 and delivered a still born baby again in the hospital.

Family Background

Ann Rose lives with her aunt in the Meru. Her mother separated with her father when she very young. Life with her stepmother become difficult and she decided to run away and went to live with her aunt. She managed to study up to standard five. When asked about her mother she says she does not know her where about but knows she is alive.

Social Life

When Ann Rose was discharged home from the hospital she did not have the courage to share her problem of urine leakage with her aunt or anybody else. She felt no one would understand her situation and kept all this in secret. Asked why she kept it all to herself, she responded if her mother was there she could have had the courage to share to her.

Her life and movements were limited to the home environment. She was expected to participate full to the family activities though they were not aware of her situation. She could not go to any social gathering and felt isolated. Her situation made her feel depressed most of the times. She could not understand her situation and what could be done.

Turning Point

In the year 2007 she felt she could no longer continue living with her condition. One day she took all her little belongings and threw them in a pit latrine and tried to throw herself in the toilets. After not succeeding she was felt so frustrated and started crying loudly which alerted her aunt and other family members. They came to her rescue and persuaded her to come out of the toilet which she accepted but could not reveal what her problem was.

Later she got to know of a certain woman in the village whom the people were saying had a problem of leakage of urine. She approached her and she got the information that she could be treated in Jamaa Mission Hospital.

She was admitted in Jamaa Mission Hospital in 5th February 2008 done surgery on 6th February 2008. She was discharged home after 7 days to come after 2 weeks review. When she came back for her review she had completely healed and was just overcome with joy. She said she will become an ambassador to others with a similar problem. She felt appreciated and no longer had to live in shame. The 4 years of shame when she had the fistula are now behind her.

Telephone: 020-2060101

- Ann Rose Kariobangi Cheshire Home (Kijiji)

Dear Staff Jamaa Hospital,

I acknowledgement with thanks your kind gift of food to poor, desperately poor persons, who come to your gate.
Your money purchased 27 packets of unga flour and 50/- that was over we gave for paraffin.

May God reward you for this and for any other kindness, which you render to any poor who come your way.

I enclose our flyer, just to let you know that we exist, that you elderly poor in this corner of Kariobangi, you are also welcome anyday to visit us if you wish.

- Sr. M. Ivanna FMSA