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Welcome to Edelvale Trust

The Edelvale Trust is a Social Welfare Institution founded in 1959 for the moral rehabilitation of men, women and children.

In 1641 in France, the congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity was founded with a specific call to care for marginalized, sexually exploited and socially abused young girls and women.

This was a specific request to the founder, St. John Eudes, by a group of women who were living in prostitution, to help them leave the kind of low undignified life. The sisters were invited to help women in difficulties in the city of Nairobi in 1959.

The Charisma and Mission of Sisters of Our Lady of Charity from the beginning has always been to serve wounded women from all sectors of life.

The sisters have cared for the girl-child, older girls and women from various social backgrounds, keeping their charisma of compassion and mercy for women and the family life ablaze.

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