About Edelvale Technical Institute

The institute was started by sisters who came from England in 1959 when they first established a home under the name Edelvale Homes which served as a rescue center for marginalized girls who were in danger of rape, early of marriage and prostitution during the pre-independent era.


As the number of girls increased and some finished their primary school education, the sister’s learned that some of the girls did not acquire entry points to secondary school education it is out of this that a technical school under the name Edelvale Trust Technical Institute was established in the earl 70’s which offered technical skills to these girls in order to empower them before resetting them back to the society.

As time moved on the doors were opened to girls who were not living in the Edelvale Home and were unable to move on with their secondary school education, these girls came from the surrounding slums like Dandora Mukuru and Soweto.

As time move on the sisters felt the need to bridge the male gender gap to the institute by offering more courses and this idea was approved by the board of trustees. As the year 2009 began the first group of men admitted into the institute. There was also the introduction of other courses such as catering, beauty therapy and computer.

For sustainability, a production unit was created which produces uniforms, wedding gowns and other garments which are sold to various organizations. The catering and Hotel management unit also offers Catering services during occasions. The center has a hall that is rented for various functions.