Teachers’ Messages

Day care
Before you know it the infant you used to cuddle in your arms has grown into a toddler gurgling away his opinions of the world and right before your eyes he’s ready to get into school.

Since teaching a child is not easy, we have everything designed to train the child before school. Nursery rhymes improve the child’s vocabulary, enhance his/her imagination, reinforce his concept of numbers, and teach good manners and so on.

They spend time coloring playing with toys with this they develop eye-hand co-ordination, concentration and there is imagination developed. They also learn other values like toileting and feeding themselves. All this is done with a lot of love and determination.

Baby Class
Little children absorb a lot through colorful learning materials. It makes learning attractive and full of fun, the children in this class are introduced to 26 letters in form of sounds which are connected with pictures or the teacher may use may use objects that are familiar with the child.

Along with the alphabet they learn numbers where they are encouraged to count by using real items along with the numbers; their day is kept busy with nursery rhymes and singing games.

All this improve their speech and expand their imagination by repeating the words and they eventually grasp them. Good habits and manners are taught through basic training. This assures that they grow all rounds

Middle Class
Academically in middle class the child accomplishes knowledge on the use of single sounds a-z in three letter words breakable single sounds words, simple sentences double words, sentences with double sounds.

Recognition and naming of colors, recognition and naming of shapes, general knowledge, mathematics and Arts.

In pre-unit we are always entrusted in preparing for interviews also joining primary school. Apart from academic we always, make sure that the pre-unit environment is conducive for child’s mental growth being in a cheerful and encouraging environment makes the child more confident.

We ensure good habits, manners and thoughts and when practiced they always instill positive behaviors in them which makes good impression on the interviewers.

We always give them quality time and through our love, responsibility and always instilling positive behaviors in them we are confident that our children are the right candidates for admission in the best primary schools.