Waridi Kindergaten

Waridi nursery school is a non-profitable institution, and funds got from fees paid cater for the Edelvale trust various projects. E.g. Jamaa homes, Edelvale homes etc. at the end of each year friends and teachers and well-wishers of waridi nursery school always contribute towards the mentioned projects.

For over four decades, Waridi Nursery School has carefully prepared children for the school years ahead laying a foundation for academic achievements by providing an atmosphere, creativity, encouragement and power of concentration and imagination are fostered.

Children are encouraged to love reading; we have continued consciously nourishing the inner life of children in order to start them off on a long life process of self-discovery.

Waridi – Rose Flower – best of all creation, admired, attractive and brings the beauty and nice scent to the World.


What a joy of this beautiful creation with different colors and shapes.

What a wonder, joy and pleasure to see the little flowers growing and developing every day with different gifts and talents as you admire their innocence and concern for one another.

Our Facility

We have 7 spacious classrooms 2 daycare 2 baby classes, 3 middle classes, 1 Pre-Unit. A dining hall, a computer lab, office block, stores, a kitchen, enough toilets, a playground, packing, a secure well fenced compound.

Day-care Class

We have two day care classes:

Reception class for ages one and half  to two and  half.

Beginners class for ages two and half to three years.

We accommodate 15 pupils in each class.

Other Classes

Currently we have day care vacancies for 2015 JANUARY about 25 VACANCIES, for ages between 18 months and 36 months old babies.

Standard one 2015:

Waridi school is upgrading so we are opening a class one by 2015, INTERVIEWS! ongoing.

For more information contact the school office. Age 6yrs.

Extra curriculum activities:

Computer Classes: – well developed IT lessons based on Nursery curriculum where students use real computers.

Music Lessons: – learn the recorder and also singing.

Dance : – Karaoke, traditional dances and Ballet dance.


Swimming: – well trained swimming tutors available to train children at this tender age.


For more information:

contact  headteacher on tel no 0710913242 or email