Events Dates

First Term
Opening Day: 4th January 2012
Mid-Terms: 24th – 27th February 2012
Closing Day: 4th April 2012

Parent’s Orientation Per Class, Pre-Unit Open Days
Parents Orientation Workshops Per Class
Pre- Unit Open Days
Mass on Ash Wednesday

Second Term
Opening Day: 2nd may 2012
Mid-Terms: 14th – 18th June 2012
Closing Day: 8th August 2012

Sports Day for Trip (pre- unit & middle class), Middle Class Open Days,
Opening Mass
Middle Class/ Pre Unit Trip
Sports Day (whole school)
Middle Class Open Days

Third Term
Opening Day: 5th September 2012
Mid-Term: 18th – 22nd October 2012
Closing Day: 21st November 2012

Baby Class Trip, Baby Class Open Days,
Graduation/Parents Day: (16th November 2012) ,
End of the Year Party: (20th November)

Baby Class Trip
Baby Class Open Days
End of the Year Mass (thanks giving)
Graduation / Parents Day