Why Us?

Why Jamaa Mission Hospital

Jamaa Mission Hospital and Home strives to be the best hospital that is open to the general public from all walks of life.

We have a team of qualified personnel which include; management team, doctors, nurses ,support staffs and others.

The hospital has full time residential doctors and part time consultants who visit regularly to administer on various specialities.

In the entire Eastlands area, Jamaa Mission Hospital Laboratory has been  rated to be one of the best equipped in terms of e-technology with most recent laboratory machines for quality results.

In 2008, Jamaa Hospital was recognized by NHIF insurance to be the Best Health Institution in the faith based category offering Quality Health Care in Industrial area Branch as an appreciation to our consistency in seeking to offer the best in all aspects of our service delivery systems.

Jamaa Hospital is well known for its hospitality services especially to expectant mothers. Our clinics are run by experienced and qualified gynaecologists and midwives who give healthy topics for both the expectant mums and the infants. As a client at these clinics, you also gain from qualified nutritionists who teach clients on healthy eating.

The clean environment within the hospital is what most of our clients never go without noticing.

We at Jamaa Hospital, want to reach out to the community with best if not pocket friendly rates as we continue to serve, share and care for everyone’s needs.

For more please contact our Customer Care Desk open 24/7 or visit us in person.