Hair and Beauty – Level 1 & 2

Welcome to hair and beauty department. This course is one of the short term courses offered at Edelvale Trust Technical Institute.

Here at the department of hair and beauty we are proud of our achievements at producing qualified personnel who tend to the needs of their clients professionally, History has it that the people value the physical appearance of an individual.

We are proud of ourselves as centre of interest because the road to all good grooming starts and ends in our department .We house five courses in one intensive and comprehensive training program so as to complete the whole professional package for our trainees thus making them adaptively suited to the job market and being all round expert’s in their specialization.

The training module includes:-

  • Hairdressing,
  • Beauty therapy,
  • Braiding ,
  • Barbering
  • Nail Technology.

True to our word, all these courses are a set at a subsidized fee for a period of six months with one month internship for specialized experience.

Quality for quality as our graduates step in style on the podium of achievers to receive their certificates ,diplomas from examination administered by City & Guilds – World recognized body based in London, England.

Trade tests are also facilitated by DIT – A government based exam for the ministry of labor. Our graduations are held once a year together wth other Departments in the Institute.

We have a follow-up program for our students even after graduations to ensure that they are attached.This helped to keep a very good clientele record with prospective employers thus making it easy for internship while training w with us.

Very strong tradition do exist in Edelvale for that at least once in a calendar year our students enjoy partially sponsored educational trip to any destination of their choice in the country for a day. With kind appreciation to that effect, we color it up in Hair and Beauty Department by treating our trainees with independent topur touching their specialization .
With the technology moving very fast we are also sailing to introduce e-learning and correspondence once the approval has been made .We welcome all board to journey with in this noble project.

With strong culture of molding the whole person ,body, mind and soul, we pride ourselves for giving the very best to the society.Thanks to all former students for being quite excellent wherever they are.

The doubt concept is complete dead within me, because the journey has just began. This is the ignition key to your future, come along and get it.

The course takes a period of 6months where by the 6 month period is divided in two as follows:-

Term 1 (3 months)
  • 2 Continuous Assessment Test’s at the end of every Month
  • An End of Term Exam
Term2(3 months)
  • Continuous Assessment Tests
  • Mod Exam

Note: The student will have to go for an attachment for a period of three weeks and come with a recommendation letter

The mod are examined by an external examiner


At the end of the hair and beauty course an individual is expected to:-

  • Have the knowledge concerning all the topics
  • Be able to apply the skills and techniques
  • Be able to Handel clients professionally
  • Be able to explain every service and their importance to the clients.