X-Ray Services

The following are services that are offered at our X-Ray section:

  • General  x-ray: chest x-ray, skull x-ray, knee joint.
  • Fluoroscopy/screening
  • General ultra sound services
  • Colour Doppler ultrasound
  • Electrocardiogram

Our equipments include:

  1. AMII LX50 x-ray /screening unit
  2. ALOKA 3600 series colour Doppler ultrasound machine
  3. Cardio rapid k3600 LCD ECG machine

 Jamaa Hospital Radiology Department

Jamaa hospital radiology department is one of the modern dynamic and professional diagnostic imaging centres in Nairobi. Our radiology department provides comprehensive range of imaging services, including both routine and specialised services.

With each new improvement to the diagnostic and treatment processes, we aim to distinguish ourselves as a premiere health care provider in Kenya.

Services offered at our Radiology Department include:-

Interventional procedures

Barium studies

These include barium swallow, barium meal, barium follow through and barium Enema. These are examinations done when a patient ingests barium suspensions and there is visualisation of the stomach, duodenum small and large intestines on the screen.


This examination involves introduction of a radio-opaque dye and use of x-rays to visualize and record the images of the uterus, uterine (fallopian) tubes and can be used to diagnose blocked tubes & fibroids.

 General Radiography

All routine imaging procedures are performed with the latest art of technology, high quality images are obtained using the latest installed AMII LX-50


The department has a colour Doppler ultrasound machine used for performing all routine procedures like: abdominal, pelvic, obstetric, musculoskeletal and vascular imaging.

 ECG (Electrocardiogram)

With the latest cordiorapid K3600 LCD ECG machine we are able to perform various ECG examinations which are able to detect heart conditions and abnormalities and give out a detailed report on the same.