Mission & Vision, Values

Our Mission Statement

To promote Human Dignity through Skills Training for Self Reliance to a better future.

Our Vision Statement

Empowering the nation through holistic training.


  • To uplift and empower the youth so that they may respect themselves and others.
  • To help them discover and appreciate their unique gifts.
  • To educate and help the youth live good Christian Lives with greater knowledge of God’s love and his saving grace.


Showing the mercy and compassion of Christ to the people, which include the work which our founder asked of us:-

  • Teaching the values of Christ’s sharing and caring through holistic training, guidance and counseling to those in need.
  • Creating conducive and friendly atmosphere for   learning.
  • Respecting the uniqueness and giftedness of each and every member of the institute and seeing each as an image of God’s love and manifestation.
  • Attending to the individual capabilities and shortcomings of every student in a respectable and unique way.