Business Management

With dynamic business environment all over the world, it has become a necessity for all players the business world to acquire necessary skills on how to coordinate resources used in the business, this giving the introduction of business management.

Business management was introduced in this institute in September 2010 to equip young people with detailed skills on how to start a business world among other objectives.

Currently the program has four young energetic students and its equipped with the basic necessary reading materials .The training is extensive and intensive and it requires a lot of commitment it covers many areas which include entrepreneurship, information and communication technology, life skill, communication skills, commerce among others.

This program is considered important by the government of Kenya since it will equip many people with the skills to engage in productive self employment and help to curb the unemployment rate in Kenya.

The success of this department is guaranteed by the cooperation of the stakeholders and is currently doing very well.

The mission of the department is to train and produce competent manpower in the business world for self reliability and responsible management.

The department offers diploma and certificate courses in Business Management that are administered by KNEC .The department will soon be offering accounting courses which are administered by KASNEB.

These market driven courses are in General Management, Accounting, Information Technology and entrepreneurship.

Our courses are aimed at assisting student to get a base to further their education, or to self-employment or be absorbed in public sector.